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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Excel Intermediate training. Take your skills to the next level and achieve a recognised certificate. Learn more with Excel.

Microsoft Excel Introduction

This course offers an awareness of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and aims to give attendees the confidence to efficiently create, edit and manage spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel Advanced

Become and expert in Microsoft Excel with our Advanced level course. Conducted by world class instructors. Find out more.

Microsoft Excel Conditional Formatting

This 2-hour Excel webinar offers an insight into using Conditional Formatting to automatically colour text, numbers and dates in a table. Incorporate rules in spreadsheets to format table content based…

Microsoft Excel Foundation

Excel Foundation provides those with no experience or those looking to build on their skills, with a course created to cover the essentials including tips and tricks. Learn more.

Microsoft Excel Getting Started

This 3 hour Live Online course offers an insight into Excel’s fundamental components and aims to give attendees the confidence to effectively create and manage spreadsheets. It looks at simple formula writing…

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

This 3 hour Pivot Table live online course looks at creating professional Excel reports, incorporating percentage analyses, difference from analyses and field calculations. Add additional totals by…

Working with Microsoft Excel Formulas

This 3 hour Excel formula live online course is designed for those who want to get to grips with formula writing, by breaking them down into their individual parts to truly understand how they work. This is a…

Microsoft Excel VBA Advanced

You use Microsoft Excel to work with data and need to improve the processes involved. This course looks at how you can work directly with Excel and its components to manipulate the application to help you work…

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