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Why choose Live Online training?

  • Log in from anywhere
  • Live instructor
  • Real-time
  • No travel – cleaner and greener
  • 94% of participants recommend us

What is Live Online Training?

Live Online training are live, instructor-led training courses that you can access via the internet. It’s the same high quality training delivered by our expert instructors, but instead of attending the training course face-to-face, you attend online. It’s as interactive as the traditional method of learning in a face-to-face environment, but you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection, a microphone and webcam.

Live Online training is ideal for businesses that are located a little off the beaten track, and for overseas participants, remote workers, or those who can’t afford to spend time travelling.

Why is Live Online better than other online learning?

Our live Online training is not the same as a typical e-learning course. You’ll have an expert tutor to guide you, inspire you, explain things and bring the topics to life. There are times when self-directed e-learning works fine, but a live, interactive learning experience is much more valuable. Not only will you learn more quickly in a live environment, you can also ask the instructor for help, extra info and modifications to suit your specific circumstances.

In a nutshell, it’s the difference between reading a book and talking to an expert.

What are the benefits of Live Online training?

No travel

As an employer, you won’t have any travel costs as your team members can learn from home or anywhere with an internet connection. As a learner, you don’t have to worry about travelling to work early or finding the training venue, as you can choose a spot at home or wherever you like. The time saved from travelling to a training course is also worth noting. Plus, it’s cleaner and greener so you’re doing your bit for the planet too.

Huge range of courses available

We're always adding more to our range and will update this page frequently.

1-2-1 available

No matter how small your team is, our live Online training can be taken by any number of people. We also offer 1-2-1 training so our expert instructors can train you live online without interruption.

Group training available

It's possible to have any number of people attending the courses, although on average our training courses have 8 attendees. Regardless of size you'll always get the same quality of training.

Taught by an expert instructor

Unlike many online e-learning courses, our live Online training is delivered by an instructor who is highly experienced with the right quality of knowledge in their field. You get direct access to them, with the ability to ask questions and get feedback from them.

Easy to book

Simply send us an enquiry. We’re more than happy to provide any info and answer any questions you might have before you book.

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