Microsoft Excel Advanced Training

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What you will learn

  • Find out how to further utilise nested formulas to extract data base on multiple criteria.
  • Get results to complex questions.
  • Further user’s knowledge of Pivot Tables by incorporating groupings and calculations.
  • Use what-if analyses to meet targets and generate forecasts.
  • Learn how to quickly automate repetitive or tedious tasks by using macros.

Skills you will gain

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  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Advanced Gain expert level skills to build on your intermediate knowledge  

This course consists of 11 lessons

Nesting Logical Functions. The principals of nesting formulas together.

Using the IF function with nested AND and OR functions to output results to multiple question.

Advanced Pivot Tables. Grouping dates and numerical values.

Running percentage analyse. Running an comparison analyses. Inserting Field calculations. Creating a user-friendly dashboard report including charts.

Advanced Conditional Formatting. Using conditional formatting to alert us of data variables.

Colour table rows based on criteria within it. Apply colour to approaching dates.

Summing by Criteria. Using a SUMIFS function to sum numbers by criteria within rows.

Lookup Functions. Using functions to retrieve data from the left or right of a column that’s being looked up by using the INDEX and MATCH functions.

Recording Macros. Macro security. Understanding a Relative References macro.

Recording, running and editing macros. Saving files as Macro Enabled Workbooks.

Introduction to VBA code. Add a macro button to the Quick Access toolbar.

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