Customer Service Excellence Training

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What you will learn

  • This facilitated workshop will allow you to analyse the customer service levels you currently provide.
  • Benchmark these against latest research in delivering customer service excellence.
  • It will offer practical advice on how to raise standards of customer service amongst your team, and provide support to individuals in customer-facing roles.
  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • Face to Face or Live Online Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Foundation For those starting from the beginning or with a little experience  

This course consists of 12 lessons

Personal objectives for the course.

Customer service knowledge check.

The customer – supplier chain.

Defining customer care standards.

Customer focus groups – briefing and completion.

Problem, complaint or opportunity.

Excellence in customer relations.

Leading by example.

The importance of employee engagement and its influence on customer service excellence.

Customer service behaviour.

Development of a customer service excellence strategy.

Completion of a personal action plan.

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