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Group training

Go Courses are here to make training courses easy to arrange, and all of the courses can be delivered to groups as well as 1-2-1.

Benefits of group training

Group training can improve team dynamics & boost motivation

Nothing is more motivating than having the right people around you. Interaction with others in a group learning environment can help boost your knowledge and increase your interest in a particular topic. You’re likely to interact with other attendees and, depending on the course, implement what you’re learning. So your training can also work like a team building exercise.

Group training is cost effective and saves time

Training groups of people at once reduces the time needed to get everyone up to speed, and maximises the trainer’s time. By having all of your employees attend the same training session, you'll also reduce the cost of the training, especially if you have your training in-house.

Group training encourages open communication

By training employees in a group environment, they can communicate with the trainer as well as their fellow coworkers. A group environment means that any answers to the questions asked are shared with the group. It also opens up the opportunity for more discussion.

Group training provides additional support

Although Go Courses provide support after the training course, an employee may develop questions and concerns when it’s time to implement the learning. With group training, several employees will learn the same information and can then support each other when they’re back in the office.

How does group training work?

If you’re looking for group training, any of our IT and business courses can be delivered to groups of any size. We can come to you and deliver the group training in-house, or you can book to attend a course at one of our locations across the UK and internationally.

We’ve created a very simple process to help you to book your training easily:

  • First, give us a call or drop us an email. We also have a live online chat if you have any questions and want an instant response.
  • Then we’ll get in touch to find out more about your training needs.
  • From there we’ll organise everything for you. We will book one of our industry-leading instructors, source the appropriate certifications and arrange your training at a time that suits you. We’ll ensure your team members enjoy the experience and also receive support after their training.

Which group training courses are available?

We have over 800 courses available ranging from Microsoft Office and Excel, to Cloud Computing and HR and Management training, and so much more.

Specific requirements?

If you have any specific requirements we can design bespoke programmes to suit your timescales. If you need to combine project management, soft skills and technical training, for example, that’s no problem at all! If there’s something you need that you can’t find on our website, we can source specialists for you.

So, are you ready to begin learning exceptional new skills?

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