1-2-1 Live Online Training

Benefits of Online Training

1-2-1 training can save you time

If you have training 1-2-1 you’ll get the full attention of your tutor. Rather than waiting for other people’s questions to be answered, you cut straight to the chase and get to ask questions directly. This means you get brilliant value for money, as there’s no wasted time.

1-2-1 training builds confidence

Some learners may find a classroom setting quite daunting, especially if they had a negative experience at school back in the day. 1-2-1 learning is extremely effective if you lack confidence, would like to take a slower pace or have specific needs you’d like to address.

1-2-1 training is directly related to your job and experience level

With 1-2-1 training you’ll be able to apply the learning directly to your job role, and the tutor will be able to give you specific help within the context of your job. You’ll also get training that’s perfectly matched to your experience level.

How does 1-2-1 training work?

If you’re looking for 1-2-1 training, any of our IT and business courses can be delivered to individuals.

Please give us a call or drop us an email. From there we’ll organise everything for you. We will book one of our industry-leading instructors, source the appropriate certifications and arrange your training at a time that suits you. We’ll ensure your team members enjoy the experience and also receive support after their training.

Which courses are available 1-2-1?

All of our courses are available 1-2-1 - that’s over 160 ranging from Microsoft Office and Excel, to Cloud Computing and HR and Management training, and so much more.

Specific requirements?

If you have any specific requirements we can design bespoke programmes to suit your timescales. If you need to combine project management, soft skills and technical training, for example, that’s no problem at all! If there’s something you need that you can’t find on our website, we can arrange it for you.

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