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How can I become a PowerPoint pro?

By gocourses 01 Aug 2019

What are the advantages of using PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is an extremely popular and useful tool for creating slideshows for professional presentations. But how do you avoid death by powerpoint? 

One of the easiest ways to make your presentation more interesting is to use images, audio and video to capture your audience’s attention. As well as engaging your audience, a professionally created PowerPoint presentation will help you to present with added cues, prompts and triggers.

With professional PowerPoint skills, it becomes much easier to present and maintain eye contact with your audience. Rather than relying on printed handouts, you can trust that your audience will remember your presentation and encourage interaction. While most people can get by with basic PowerPoint skills, mastering this tool will do wonders for your business success. But to get to this level, the right training is needed.

Go.Courses Road to Learning

Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate and Advanced training

What will you learn?

On the intermediate and advanced Microsoft PowerPoint training course you’ll learn how to customise PowerPoint to use it like a pro. You’ll be able to create, collaborate on, secure, and distribute complex multimedia presentations for any situation needed.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Modify the PowerPoint environment and customise the user interface
  • Customise and modify design templates
  • Add SmartArt and mathematical equations to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Work with media and animations
  • Add audio & video to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Customise animations and transitions
  • Collaborating on a PowerPoint presentation
  • Review a PowerPoint presentation
  • Store and share PowerPoint presentations on the web
  • Customise & set up a slideshow
  • Annotate & record a PowerPoint presentation
  • Secure and Distribute a Presentation


How long is the course?

The Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate and Advanced training is a 1 day course. It’s 6 hours of training between 9.30am-5pm with refreshment breaks included.

Who is this course for?

Those with a beginner level understanding and experience of PowerPoint, wanting to be a PowerPoint pro.

Book here: 

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What else is there?

If you’re not sure if you know the basics of PowerPoint, we also offer an introductory PowerPoint course for beginners HERE

If you’re a managing director, line manager or business owner wanting to train your team up to a guaranteed high standard, your best option is to book one of our PowerPoint training courses.

All of our training can be delivered in your own office at a time that suits you. Our expert instructors can conduct training for any number of people, including 1-1.

Still have some questions? Drop us a message and let’s chat.