Microsoft Powerpoint Intermediate And Advanced Training

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What you will learn

  • You will learn how to customise the PowerPoint application, and effectively create, collaborate on, secure, and distribute complex multimedia presentations for a variety of situations.

Skills you will gain

  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • Face to Face or Live Online Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Intermediate For those with working experience or likely to have completed foundation level training  

This course consists of 7 lessons

Modifying the PowerPoint Environment: Topic A Customise the User Interface - Topic B Set PowerPoint Options

Customising Design Templates: Topic A Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts - Topic B Add Headers and Footers - Topic C Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master

Adding SmartArt and Mathematical Equations to a Presentation: Topic A Create SmartArt - Topic B Modify SmartArt - Topic C Write Mathematical Equations

Working with Media and Animations: Topic A Add Audio to a Presentation - Topic B Add Video to a Presentation - Topic C Customise Animations and Transitions

Collaborating on a Presentation: Topic A Review a Presentation - Topic B Store and Share Presentations on the Web

Customising a Slide Show: Topic A Annotate a Presentation - Topic B Set Up a Slide Show - Topic C Create a Custom Slide Show - Topic D Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons - Topic E Record a Presentation

Securing and Distributing a Presentation: Topic A Secure a Presentation - Topic B Create a Video or a CD

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