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Why is Google Cloud Platform training worth investing in?

By Samantha Allen 20 Apr 2020

Cloud computing services are becoming more important for businesses every year. Businesses now rely heavily on IT infrastructure, and cloud computing is flexible, affordable and highly secure. Instead of buying your own hardware, it’s become more common to pay for access to a huge range of computing resources provided by Amazon, Microsoft, Google or other cloud providers. When you need more computing resources, you simply pay for the space you’re using on the shared “cloud” hardware, and the processing power you use, without the need to purchase any new physical hardware. 

But why is Google Cloud Platform worth investing training time in? If you’re wondering why and how to get certified in Google Cloud Platform, or if you’d like to understand the power behind this contemporary cloud platform, read on. 

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google created their first cloud computing service in 2008, and the service was made generally available in late 2011. While Google Cloud Platform may not have the reputation of AWS or Microsoft Azure, Google has become known as one of the “big three” public cloud suppliers.

Due to Google’s industry-leading web search and advertising businesses, the company has become highly skilled at handling big data. Google has a solid reputation and excellent capabilities when it comes to analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s not uncommon for businesses to choose Google Cloud Platform alongside another cloud provider. However, Google Cloud Platform can be used exclusively by businesses for all their cloud infrastructure needs, depending on what your needs are.

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What can you do with Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud is a brilliant platform for app developers. You can find all the requirements for mobile application development projects, and their App Engine product can prove incredibly useful for mobile app development teams. And as an app developer you can create applications without having to deal with the server, so you can develop applications in an agile manner. 

You can also perform high level computing, storage, networking and databases with Google Cloud Platform. So depending on the type of app development you’re working on, Google Cloud could be the perfect solution for you.

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Why use Google Cloud Platform rather than another cloud provider?

According to Gartner, organisations previously have chosen Google Cloud Platform as a secondary provider rather than a strategic provider. However, Google Cloud is increasingly being selected as a strategic alternative to AWS by customers whose businesses compete with Amazon. Google Cloud is also a popular choice with businesses that prefer open-source software or are focussed on development and operations (DevOps). These businesses aren’t the right fit for Microsoft Azure.

Google Cloud has strong Iaas capabilities, but it’s PaaS capabilities are even stronger. The Google Cloud Platform also excels at big data, analytics and machine learning.

Google are clearly serious about building its presence in the cloud market. Google have now partnered up with Cisco, who have a strong reputation for scale, machine learning and the world of business.

Google Cloud Platform is gaining in popularity each year, and gaining credibility fast - with Apple notably becoming a Google Cloud customer.

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What’s Google Cloud Platform security like?

Cloud providers can usually provide higher levels of security than most in-house IT setups. Google’s enterprise security director has stated that “most businesses do not have the security intelligence gathering capabilities and resources to match Google’s.”

Of course Google takes security seriously and Google Cloud KMS lets you protect secrets and other sensitive data and manage cryptographic keys. It’s integrated with Cloud IAM (Identity & Access Management) and Cloud Audit Logging so you can manage permissions on individual keys and monitor how they are used.

Google gathers security intelligence from billions of transactions everyday and applies this intelligence in real time throughout the organisation. Google’s enterprise security director stated “a lesson learned on is a lesson learned on Google Apps”. He thinks that businesses will move from data centres to cloud computing because they have better security resources. Add to this the rapidly increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats that most businesses aren’t equipped to deal with.

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How much does Google Cloud Platform cost?

Google Cloud Platform is seemingly more cost effective than AWS and Azure. Rather than billing by monthly usage, Google Cloud offers pay-as-you-go based on the “per second” of usage. They also offer discounts for long term usage, starting after the first month. To get long term discounts on the other cloud service providers it could take you over a year.

So if you’re looking to start a new mobile app development project and keep costs low, Google Cloud could be the perfect fit for you. Google boasts that its cloud services have customer-friendly pricing, and they average 60% less for many compute workloads compared to other cloud providers. They’re clearly putting pressure on AWS and Azure to keep the market prices lower.

What training courses are available for Google Cloud Platform?

There are a wide range of training courses available for Google Cloud Platform, and you can browse them all HERE. If you’re looking for architecting with Google Cloud, developing applications with Google Cloud, data engineering on Google Cloud, or fundamentals of Google Cloud, there are courses to suit your needs.

And the good news is you’re not stuck with using the same system forever. AWS professionals can take this course to learn Google Cloud, making it easy to switch from one cloud provider to another. 

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