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General security training - what type of cyber security training do you need? Part 1

By Samantha Allen 10 Jul 2019

The importance of cyber security

No business is safe from cybercrime, and cyberattacks can happen when you least expect it. But having the right training can prevent or fix all kinds of nightmare issues. Not only will it keep your customers safe, but your own company data will be safe. And if the worst-case scenario does happen, cyber security training can help you and your team to respond and resolve the problem quickly and easily.

Read on for a brief overview of 5 different cyber security courses available, so you can choose the right training course for you or your team members.

1. Threat Hunting training courses

With new artificial intelligence solutions come new security threats. This course will give you the skills and confidence to fill the technical gap that exists between traditional security platforms and new ones.

The Threat Hunting course will provide you with an in-depth set of challenges incorporating web application security, network security, reverse engineering, network, PCAP analysis and more. Our advanced labs offer a safe environment for IT and security teams to develop their cyber defence skills and put them to the test against the clock.

Find the Threat Hunting training course HERE.

THIS IS GOOD FOR: providing the tools and techniques to support rapid analysis of advanced cyber-attacks to those responsible for detecting and defending against them.

2. Security Operations Centre (SOC) training courses

Would you like to leverage the SOC (Security Operations Centre) analyst and techniques used in vulnerability management and SIEM (Security Information Event Management) platforms? If so then this training course is for you.

With the Security Operations Centre course, you’ll gain a foundation for assessing and managing cyber risk through effective security incident triage.

Find the Security Operations Centre (SOC) training course HERE.

THIS IS GOOD FOR: providing security operations analysts the foundation training needed to address the cyber threat lifecycle, helping you respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities.

3. Security Fundamentals training courses

Providing security in today’s workplace includes a mix of both physical and digital security strategies. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of how to protect everything ranging from your IT network, computer operating system, files and data, to the physical aspects you can manage.

Find the Security Fundamentals training course HERE.

THIS IS GOOD FOR: providing business and technology professionals with fundamental knowledge of security strategies.

4. Secure by Design training courses

Did you know that the majority of “successful” cyberattacks rely on exploiting a handful of well known common vulnerabilities? If you didn’t then this course should interest you.

The Secure by Design course will show how to design security in, and maintain that security throughout a systems life-cycle from initial stages all the way through to decommissioning.

Find the Secure by Design training course HERE.

THIS IS GOOD FOR: building security into new systems developments at the beginning.

5. Cloud Security training courses

Whether your business uses AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, managing and understanding cloud security is essential. Through presentations, discussions, practical demonstrations and 'hands-on' labs, this course will give you practical experience of technical security controls for cloud technologies.

Find the Cloud Security training course HERE.

THIS IS GOOD FOR: gaining Certified Cloud Security Practitioner (CCSP) status.


This is just a small snippet of the variety of cyber security courses available, and next week we’ll have another 5 for you.

At Go.Courses we provide hundreds of training courses, which are all delivered by expert instructors. The links above will point to training course locations all around the UK and Europe, and our instructors can also come right to you. We even offer 1-1 training, so no request is too small.

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