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Is it safe to have training face-to-face now?

By Samantha Allen 30 Jul 2020

Everyone’s lives were shaken up in early 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. As lockdown restrictions in Europe and the UK have been eased, many of us are adapting to a new normal. This may mean going out for meals and shopping trips again, visiting family, friends, clients and colleagues, and going back to work. But COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and all of these things need extra safety precautions in order to stay safe and avoid spreading the virus. 

The world keeps spinning, and your career and personal development are still important. So is it safe to take part in face-to-face training courses now? The short answer is yes, but read on to find out more about taking part in training courses face-to-face in a safe environment. 

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What does the new normal service look like for learning?

The internet has undoubtedly made this pandemic easier to live through, and online training and virtual meetings are fantastic options. With tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts, many of us have been able to work remotely from home and stay connected to our co-workers and customers. But you wouldn’t be alone in feeling “zoomed out” and fed up of doing training courses and practically everything else via video call after months of no other options. 

If you’re looking to upskill but would benefit from learning in a face-to-face environment, you may be wondering how this can be done safely. We can’t speak for any other training providers, but at Go.Courses we’ve ensured that all of our training can be delivered safely online, or in a face-to-face environment. 


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What are Go.Courses doing to ensure safe face-to-face training?

  • Face to face training is available at all locations in the UK and Europe from Monday 6th July 2020. 

  • All delegates will be spaced 2 metres apart and sanitising facilities will be in each training room. 

  • We are also able to deliver face to face training at customer venues from the 6th of July providing the customer venue adheres to government health guidelines. 

These measures mean we can deliver top quality training to you safely. If you have any questions about the training and safety precautions we are taking just drop us a message and we’d be happy to help. 

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What online training options are available?

As before, you can still take part in any of our training courses live online. These courses are delivered by the same expert instructors as our face-to-face courses and are live, interactive training sessions rather than pre-recorded elearning content. 

On demand learning (also known as elearning) is also an option which is growing in popularity. While we’ve traditionally focussed on delivering our online training live, we’ve begun to add on demand elearning options to our wide range of training courses. You’ll see some of our courses show the on demand learning price but you can enquire about any course and we’ll be happy to provide you with information about on demand learning options.

How do I enquire or book training?

You can browse and search all of our training courses online, plus view the next available course dates and prices for the various course options. To enquire or book simply fill out our enquiry forms, email us or give us a call. 


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