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What are the most desirable skills to have post-pandemic?

By Samantha Allen 24 Jul 2020

2020 has certainly been a year of unexpected change due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the UK, normality went out of the window in March and is unlikely to return. We’ll all learn to adapt to a new normal, with the impact of the coronavirus likely to take a while to fade away. The jobs market has been shaken up. Certain skills have been put into the spotlight and are now considered more valuable than ever. But which skills are the most desirable in a post-pandemic world? Read on to find out about these skills and how you can learn them.

Which skills have grown in popularity since the pandemic in 2020?

The coronavirus pandemic taught us to acknowledge and give thanks to NHS and social care staff, and “front-line” key workers, including logistics and grocery store employees. The world became very accustomed to working from home, or remote working. Software has enabled many of us to continue working remotely, and IT skills are more important than ever before. But it’s not only IT skills that have become more valuable…

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Leadership & Teamwork skills

With employees and team members no longer working in the same office, it’s more important than ever for strong leadership and teamwork to shine through. It takes good leadership skills to keep staff motivated and focussed when they’re all working from their own homes, full of potential distractions and an alien work environment. And for team members, working effectively together is the best way to overcome additional challenges.

How can I learn Leadership & Teamwork skills?

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Flexibility & Adaptability skills

The global pandemic of 2020 has undoubtedly forced the world to adapt. Businesses that fail to implement flexibility and adapt to the “new normal” are unlikely to survive. Flexibility and adaptability have always been important in business as the world is constantly changing. Arguably, we’ve seen more change than usual in 2020 so far, but these skills will help your business to thrive whatever the world throws at you. 

How can I learn Flexibility & Adaptability skills?

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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills

Being able to face problems in the workplace is normally an important skill but when faced with a global pandemic this only becomes more valuable. Understanding the causes of problems, creating strategies to overcome them and turning problems into lessons will make you a valuable asset to your team. 

Critical thinking will help you to objectively evaluate information and determine credible sources from misrepresented data and fake news sources. This can help you to make informed decisions and take your company in the right direction.

How can I learn Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills?

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Creativity & Innovation skills

The pandemic showed us many examples of creativity and innovation from businesses. From businesses delivering services virtually rather than in person, to manufacturers producing ventilators and medical equipment rather than their usual products, COVID-19 has only emphasised the importance of creativity and innovation. Regardless of how much we rely on technology, we’ll always need human creativity.

How can I learn Creativity & Innovation skills?

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Emotional Intelligence skills

We’ve gone through some rocky times lately and with so much uncertainty in the air, being able to connect with people on an emotional level is extremely useful. Strengthening your emotional intelligence skills will make you a more desirable team member for any company.

How can I learn Emotional Intelligence skills?

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Communication & Resilience skills

Communication skills are always important but the pandemic forced many of us to communicate through different methods than we’re used to. Resilience is also a valuable skill that will benefit you and your company as we continue in a post-pandemic world. 

How can I learn Communication & Resilience skills?

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Programming & Coding skills

Programming languages are one of the most popular and in demand skills to have in recent years, and the pandemic has only highlighted the importance of this skill. As the majority of the world was suddenly forced to work from home, software solutions were relied on more than ever before. 

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How can I learn Programming & Coding skills?

Try these training courses:

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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining popularity for many years, but the pandemic has put even more emphasis on the value of AI skills. With the workforce adapting to flexible working arrangements and evolving their business processes to enable them to thrive in a post-pandemic world, AI and Big Data will play a valuable role.

How can I learn Artificial Intelligence & Big Data skills?

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How can I learn these desirable skills quickly?

The best way to learn any of these desirable skills is to attend a live instructor-led training course. These are delivered online or face-to-face safely following COVID-19 guidelines at venues all over the UK and Europe in cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Oslo. 


At Go.Courses our mission is to bring you the world’s best training courses and instructors. Our aim is to make it easy for you to book training and learn new skills. All our courses are trainer-led by experts in their field and available all over the UK, Europe and across the globe.


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