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How AI can help your training and your business

By Samantha Allen 17 Jan 2020

AI is a hot topic for 2020. Technology is becoming more advanced and we’re seeing AI enriching our daily lives more and more. Artificial Intelligence is also playing a larger part in business environments, and you may feel fear or excitement towards the latest advancements in AI technology.

On the plus side, AI can save you time, mimic your own processes and help your business to thrive and grow. And no matter how much technology takes over, there will always be skills that humans exclusively have. In fact, AI can bring out the best in your “humans”, and can play an important part in your staff training. Read on to find out how AI can help your business and your staff training going forward, and how to understand AI better.

What is AI?

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence, and it is technology that enables a computer to behave in a more “human” way. AI technology takes the information from its surroundings (or external data) and learns to respond accordingly, in a way that would mimic a human’s. AI will learn from external data and will flexibly adapt to achieve specific goals and tasks.

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AI devices are now found in many of our homes with the rise of home assistant devices including Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana. From personalised recommendations on entertainment apps including Netflix or Amazon, patient diagnosis in healthcare, through to flight simulation and driverless cars, AI boasts an impressive array of beneficial uses already, and the future has much more in store. Excited?!

But is AI something to fear or embrace?

Many people have fears that AI will eventually become more intelligent than humans, as they “learn” from mistakes and change how they approach the task next time, perhaps more efficiently than humans do. Researchers are already attempting to teach robots about feelings and emotions. There are also fears that AI will remove vast amounts of human jobs, for example if the robot outperforms the human in a certain task. Arguably this has already happened in many industries such as manufacturing and banking.

But AI technology was developed to enrich our lives, and it is already improving the way we live and work, perhaps without us realising. Instead of looking something up in a book, we can now simply “ask Alexa” or “ask Siri”, and get an instant response with the (sometimes) relevant information.

Another reason to embrace rather than fear AI is that as with all technology, skilled programmers and engineers are needed to make it work. Artificial Intelligence programmers and engineers are definitely in demand as this technology keeps evolving, so it’s a brilliant area to move into if you’re looking for a future-proofed career that pays well.

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How does AI help business?

AI can be a chatbot that pops up at the bottom of your website or social media page to guide your customers or prospects through the most effective support or sales process. AI could be a learning management system asking your employees if they need any help. 

Without realising it, we’ve been using AI in business for a while already. Spam filters, automated responders, sales and business forecasting, security surveillance and many, many more handy tools have been saving us time and effort with AI technology for many years. 

But in 2020 we’re seeing greater advancements with technological capabilities. This can be terrifying and exciting at the same time. But it CAN help businesses. Your employees can use all that extra time saved by automation tools to focus on people-focussed activities. Doing more human stuff. Doing more of what they enjoy doing, and more of what they’re good at doing. If they’re not good at doing enough, get them booked in for some training! They’ll have time to attend, and can even attend training online from any location these days ;) 

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How does AI help learning?

AI can have a huge impact on Learning & Development. A huge amount of data is now available, which can be analysed and used to optimise training programs and learning curriculums.

Employees’ needs are varied and training no longer needs to be delivered as a “one size fits all” solution. With AI it’s become much easier to personalise training content to suit an individual’s needs. You can focus on your employee’s weakest areas and avoid teaching them about areas they’re already experienced in. 

A person’s learning style will affect their learning journey and this may be influenced by their age, ethnicity, cultural background and many other factors. Millennials in particular value training and personal development as an extremely appealing job benefit. So the ability to tailor learning and development programs to their learning styles and needs with AI is an extremely valuable tool. It will help you retain staff, and boost morale and job performance, which all undoubtedly affect the bottom line. Everyone wins, including the business.

Of course, human skills are still needed and the rise of AI means it’s ever more important to develop soft skills such as communication skills. Read more about this HERE.

How can I learn more about AI?

We’ll be sharing some more insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence soon. But if you want to dive right in why not book onto an AI training course? Our top 3 courses for AI learning are: 

  1. BCS Essentials in Artificial Intelligence, a 1 day training course available in several locations in the UK and Europe, or delivered in-house at your own office.
  2. Intelligent Automation, UI path, Level 1 Developer is a 5 day training course. Also available in several locations in the UK and Europe, or delivered by an expert instructor in-house at your own office.
  3. Optimization Concepts for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, is a 1 day training course. Delivered by an expert instructor at several locations in the UK and Europe, or delivered in-house at your own office.

If you really want to go deeper and learn more about Machine Learning, this 4 day training course on Understanding Machine Learning is for you. 


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