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5 Essential Web Skills You Need to Invest In

By Samantha Allen 22 Aug 2018

The digital age is upon us and it’s only getting stronger. We’re all becoming more reliant on technology and we now consider good WiFi almost as important as fresh air.

There aren’t many industries left that don’t heavily rely on technology and the internet. So if you’re looking to learn any new skills or start a new career, web development skills are definitely a good place to start. But what are the most important web development skills? There are countless programming languages around, and the tech world is changing all the time. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re new to it.

Read on to find out the 5 essential web development skills that will benefit you the most. You might be surprised with what you see!


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Communication Skills

You may be wondering what communication skills have to do with web development. You probably don’t picture the stereotypical coder as the life and soul of a party. Web skills are all about technical languages and speaking in code, right?

While technical skills are vital for web development, it’s important to remember that websites are built for people to use. They’re also made for people who run businesses. People that sell things. People who have stuff to share. Before you can begin working on a project - regardless of how technically skilled you are - you’ll need to communicate with someone. Understanding what the client wants and what their expectations are is incredibly important. As the project continues you’ll need to communicate with them and work together.

One of the most important skills you could ever learn is how to communicate effectively with people. Not only will it benefit your web development work, you’ll benefit professionally in your long term career and personally. It’s a skill for life.

This is why it’s our number one choice of the 5 essential web skills. It’s also why we offer an accessible one day course called Effective Communication Skills, Make Every Connection Matter. The course is running in several different locations around the UK with a choice of dates so you can find the one that’s easiest for you to get to. You can also have this course delivered in-house throughout the UK and Europe.

Find out more or book on to the Effective Communication Skills Course HERE

Project Management Skills

So you can communicate with your clients and you’ve found out what they want you to create. Before you crack on and start your web development work it’s useful to set expectations with your client. How do you plan the project and agree the review stages and end point with them?

Project management skills are vital to guarantee the work you’re doing is what the client is expecting. Happy clients and happy you. But project management can seem rather daunting and overwhelming. It can seem like a complicated dark art. In fact, there are many people doing project management as a full time job. How do you learn this skill as well as all the other skills needed to be a good web developer?

We’ve got you covered with this 2 day Foundation Course. With a choice of locations and several days to pick from, the Agile Project Management Foundation Course will teach you all the basic skills needed to incorporate project management into your web development work. Your clients will thank you for it!


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Front-end Language Skills

Of course you need technical knowledge to be good at web development. But there are so many languages to choose from. How do you decide which ones to learn?

Regardless of whether you learn and use Java, PHP or another language, there’s a set of language skills that every web developer needs to know. HTML, Javascript and CSS. These front-end languages are essential learning for any web developer.

The best way to learn them is to attend an extensive course designed for beginners at an entry level. If you book onto Programming In HTML5 With Javascript And CSS3 you can choose to attend in person or do the course remotely. To make it easier you can attend virtually live online and complete the course from your own home or office.


UX Skills

You may have heard of UX (or not). We like a good abbreviation in the tech world and UX is simply short for User Experience.

As with communication skills, it’s vital that you bear the end user in mind when designing web apps or websites. Human people are your end users. There’s no use building something technically brilliant if the person using it doesn’t enjoy the experience.

UX can sound like a complicated topic if you’ve never done it before. It’s not easy to view your work from someone else’s perspective. This is why we offer a 2 day course for Lean UX that teaches you everything you need to know.

Book on or find out more about the Lean UX Course HERE


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Design Skills

You’ve made a technically brilliant web app or website that’s exactly what your client wants. But it doesn’t look too great because you don’t have any design skills. Would your client be happy with this?

Unless you’re limiting yourself purely to back-end web development you’ll need at least some basic understanding of design. In the web development world it’s handy to understand how to use Adobe Photoshop. Even if you’re not doing much design work yourself, understanding design elements and layers will help you to work effectively with a designer.

If you’ve never used Photoshop before it can look extremely complicated. This is why we provide a Adobe Photoshop Introduction Course. Over 2 days you’ll learn the basics and common functionality of Adobe Photoshop. You can even do the learning in the comfort of your own home or office if you book Virtual Live Online.


With this mix of skills you’ll have an awesome foundation to become a well paid and highly regarded web developer. Of course there’s always more to learn, but as a starting point you can’t go wrong with these 5 fundamental web development skills.

Go.Courses offers hundreds of different courses with our mission to bring you the world’s best IT and business skill courses. We want to save you time, hassle and money while providing you with the skills to be the best you can be.

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