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Got 2 or more people who need the same training?
Our courses can come to you. In-house training is a great option if you want top-quality training without the time out or travel costs...

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How does it work?

Organising in-house training is really easy:

  • Give us a call or drop us an email.
  • We’ll be in touch to find out more about what you’d like.
  • We’ll organise everything - from industry-leading instructors to certifications and aftercare.
  • Your people get great training.
  • Your organisation saves time and money.

How much will I save?

When our instructors come to you, we save money on location hire, which we pass on to you as a discount. The exact amount varies, but it can be up to 50% - it depends how many delegates participate. You’ll also save on travel, hotels and expenses if training takes place in your normal offices.

Who’s it good for?

Courses that come to you are particularly good for businesses a little off the beaten track, or larger groups - you can save up to 50% on the cost of your training this way.

Which courses are available in-house?

All of them - that’s over 800. And we can design bespoke programmes to suit your specific requirements and timescales, too. So if you need to combine project management, soft skills and technical training, just ask! And if there’s something you need that our portfolio doesn’t cover yet we’re always happy to source specialists - having spent the last 14 years providing brilliant training, we’ve got the connections to find exactly what you need.

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I was really satisfied with the course. The teachers were friendly, very competent and clear, and widely available to chat and discuss further ideas within breaks and at the end of the day. The mixture of theory and hands-on labs is very effective in my opinion, as it enables to you to quickly check and make to good use your understanding of the material. I'm really looking forward to participating in another course soon!

Stefano Cianciulli, Ocado

I came over especially for the training with GO.COURSES. It was tailored perfectly - lots of hands on training in a great London facility just off Leadenhall Court. Thank you.

Qamar Rathore, Hoffman La Roche

The Big Data course was really excellent, the trainer was engaging, understandable, and enjoyable to listen to. The course material was great, even though the Big Data world moves so fast that some of the materials are out of date, George (the trainer) clearly keeps up with the subject matter well enough he was always able to explain how things have changed and why in the short time since the materials were produced. I've not had any official AWS training before, but now I feel eager to do more.

Jonathan Harden, Self-sponsored

Great course, with great content. Lots to take away and review, as well as some interesting insights from a very knowledgeable trainer. Will definitely look to attend further AWS training in the future.

Mark Conabeare, Landmark Property

We've purchased a range of cloud-based training courses from GO.COURSES - very accommodating in terms of price and scheduling classes.

Graham Riddall, Home Office

How can we help?

Your contact details