Microsoft Project Intermediate - Advanced Training

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What you will learn

  • You will now see how to manage cost effectively and track the progress of plans in Project.

Skills you will gain

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This course consists of 6 lessons

Manage Costs in Microsoft Project - Create Different Cost Rates for Resources, Change the Resource Cost on Individual Tasks, Alter Costs Based on Time Periods, Assign Overtime Costs and Work to Resources

Working with Multiple Projects - Combining Multiple Projects as a Programme, Creating a Shared Resource Pool, Assigning Resources using a Resource Pool, Using Cost Rate Tables with a Resource Pool, Identifying the Critical Path or Paths in a Programme

Import and Export Information - File Formats Supported by Microsoft Project, Mapping Project Information, Exporting Microsoft Project Information, Importing Information into Microsoft Project

Tracking Progress and Project Actuals - Moving a Project, Entering Task Progress as Scheduled, Updating and Monitoring Progress using a Status Date, Updating Actuals, Reschedule Incomplete Work

Reporting on Projects - Reporting on Progress, Manipulate Built-In Reports, Earned Value Reporting, Work with Multiple Baselines, Distribute Project Data in Other Formats

Customising Microsoft Project - Working with the Timeline Feature, Create Custom Fields, Create Custom Filters, Create Custom Tables, Create Custom Views, Create Custom Reports, Create Templates, Using the Organizer

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