How To Use Google Sheets Training

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What you will learn

  • Get started
  • Preparing Data
  • Making Charts
  • Using Formulas
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  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Foundation For those starting from the beginning or with a little experience  

This course consists of 5 lessons

GETTING STARTED - Welcome, Pictures first, Anatomy of a spreadsheet, Data types, Formatting cells, Tidy data, Sharing files, Sharing folders

PREPARING DATA - Entering data, Importing data, Copying & pasting data, Notes, Comments, Chat, Selecting & moving data, Sorting data, Filtering data, Filter views, Publishing files, Version history

MAKING CHARTS - REPT charts, Bar charts with table data, Bar charts with raw data, Grouped bar charts, Bar charts with highlighting, Pie charts, Histograms, Line charts, Timelines, Sparklines, Scatterplots, Scatterplots with highlighting, Automatic charts with Explore, Publishing charts

USING FORMULAS - Cell references, Counts, sums, & means, Dates & times, Selecting text, Combining text & data, Conditional formatting

WRAPPING UP - Next steps

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