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How did we help Yoti with Kafka? Case Study

By gocourses 03 Mar 2020

A bit about Yoti

Founded in 2014, Yoti is a London startup who have quickly become a global technology company with over 300 employees worldwide. Their aim is to be the world’s most trusted identity system. Yoti’s passionate team of software developers, security consultants and other clever minds work to improve the way people share their personal information, online and in person.

Yoti’s free app helps you prove who you are to companies and people, online and in person. With Yoti, you can log into websites using your face, instantly know who you’re talking to online and prove your age with your phone. Yoti can also be used to potentially help children be safer online by reducing the number of fake accounts and ensuring age guidelines are more strictly adhered to.


“Yoti was built as a force for good, from day one. We are built on a strong ethical framework which is at the heart of everything we do.”

“Yoti is built on a strong set of principles that help us stay on track and develop in the right way. We always act in the interest of our users. We’re also a part of the B Corp movement, meaning we consider the impact our decisions have on our users, employees, suppliers, partners and the environment.”

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What did Yoti want from their training?

One of Yoti’s Cloud operations team members approached us as they were working as an engineer and would soon be responsible for the day-to-day operation of Kafka. This team member was looking to expand their knowledge in the administration and operation of Kafka, from an ops perspective. They also wanted to gain an understanding of the Kafka ecosystem and best practices when setting one up.


Yoti were previously using a very simple Kafka setup, and their team member was looking to be knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot, fix, administer the system, and improve inline with best practice.

Their understanding of Kafka was fairly limited but they had a very good understanding and grasp of Linux systems, virtualization and most aspects of systems engineering being a part of their day-to-day responsibilities. 


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What training did Go.Courses deliver?

Go.Courses provided Yoti with a virtual live Webex Kafka Concepts Level 1 training course, which we adapted slightly to meet their CloudOps needs.


Go.Courses delivers training to businesses of all shapes and sizes in every business sector. Whether you’re a savvy start-up in London, a small business in Manchester or an established international company, you can benefit from our expert instructor-led training. Our mission is to connect you with the world’s best IT and business skills courses, as quickly and easily as possible. 


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