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The benefits of learning from home

By Samantha Allen 25 Mar 2020

As I write this in late March 2020, it’s hard not to see the benefits of learning from home, as we’re currently experiencing a lockdown in the UK and throughout many other countries due to the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. But while the situation is unprecedented and extremely serious, it will come to an end. 

So this article will highlight the benefits of learning from home at any time, rather than focussing on only now, while we don’t have much choice. When you do have a choice and can safely leave your house again, we’d like to help you make informed decisions about your learning options. So read on to find out why learning from home is beneficial, what the different online learning options are, and how to enroll on an online training course.

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What are the main benefits of learning online at home?

Upskill in your own time

Whether you’re at home self-isolating from a virus, taking some annual leave or sabbatical time, or suffering from an injury or illness, you may find yourself re-evaluating your skills and career path at certain times in your life. There comes a time when binge-watching Netflix shows or playing video games loses its novelty, and you may want to put your spare time to good use. Learning a new skill online at home is easy and can be extremely rewarding. The most successful people in life never stop learning.

Stay healthy & protect others

If the 2020 COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that people should stay home and keep their distance from others when they have an illness that could be contagious. This applies in any year, whether it’s regular old flu, the common cold, or any other bugs that spread around. But you can continue to be productive, work from home and learn from home using the wonders of the internet, software applications, and online learning providers. 

Go Courses Blog Home Learning

Same high quality instructors & interaction

With all of the Go.Courses online courses you will find that our expert instructors who normally deliver face-to-face training are the same expert instructors delivering the online training. Plus it’s as interactive as a face-to-face course, as it’s delivered live online and in groups of any size from 1-1 upwards. Whether you’re UK-based, located in Europe or anywhere else in the world, you can benefit from online learning.

Huge savings

As well as saving money on travel, hotel accommodation and evening meals, our online training courses cost less than our face-to-face courses, because our instructors don’t have those added costs either. You can also save more money by booking group courses conducted live online. 

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Fast booking process

Have a browse at the courses, or search for one you already have in mind. You might find our knowledge base and blog useful as we’ve compared many courses and answered all sorts of questions related to programming languages and software development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Microsoft Office, cyber security, IT service and architecture, sales, marketing, customer care and much more. 

If you’re struggling to decide which course is the best fit for you some of these articles might help. But we’re also here to help so feel free to phone or message us with any questions you have. From there we can get you booked onto the right course in as little as 48 hours, but we’ll arrange a suitable time and date that works for you.

Wide range of training courses to choose from

You can learn pretty much anything online these days, if you know where to look. YouTube is great for learning yoga, DIY skills and hair tutorials, but Go.Courses is perfect for learning IT skills and business skills. All of our courses are available as face-to-face or online delivery and you can browse them all HERE.

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What are the different online learning options?

There are endless options for learning all sorts of things online in 2020. It could be worth evaluating your existing skills and deciding whether you’d like to improve any of those, or if you’d like to learn something brand new. Perhaps you’ve been hoping to learn a programming language? Maybe you’d finally like to understand how to use Microsoft Excel properly? You might benefit from learning more about Microsoft Teams as you embrace remote working. Perhaps you’re curious about emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or blockchain? Regardless of your area of interest, you’ll find a training course to suit. 

If you’re interested in any of the above, or other IT and business skills, Go.Courses is likely to be the best training provider for you, as that’s exactly what we specialise in. Unlike many elearning courses, our training is always delivered live by an expert instructor and the session will be interactive, so it’s not just recorded content that you could dip in and out of. You’ll certainly have to pay full attention during the course, but you’ll gain a much higher level of knowledge from this type of training.

Of course, if you’d prefer to dip in and out of pre-recorded video courses, there are many other alternatives that might suit you better. You could try Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Teachable, or even YouTube to find a course that will give you a basic level of a particular subject.

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How do I enroll on an online training course?

We can’t speak for other sources, but it couldn’t be easier to get enrolled on your online training course at Go.Courses. Either browse the site or search for a particular course subject at and then contact us to ask any questions or get yourself booked onto the course. We’ll connect you to one of our expert instructors and can have the course delivered to you in as little as 48 hours. We’ll arrange a time and date that suits you, and can deliver the online training on a 1-1 basis or as a group training course whether you’re in the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world.


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