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Shaping our future leaders and decision makers

By Samantha Allen 02 Oct 2018

Go Fish Education came into being a little over 2 years ago. It was the brainchild of Kerry Brown and was born out of the need to work flexibly and professionally within the education sector. Kerry began Go Fish Education as a small scale tutoring business which quickly grew.

Based on the fundamental principals of Growth Mindset, Kerry began by running small workshops and tutor sessions for children in the Bournemouth area. Starting off with only a few students, the business quickly grew and needed to expand. Go Fish Education now works with a number of schools in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire. We also have a network of approved tutors which we are happy to recommend.

Go Fish Education offers a range of courses and workshops including Growth Mindset, Coaching and Mentoring, 11+ Preparation, Y6 Boosters, Times Table Masterclass, Anger management, P16 Advice and most recently Home School Hubs. Go Fish Education now helps and supports a number of individuals, families and schools in the Southwest. We also offer educational assessments to help parents understand their children’s academic needs.

All of the courses and workshops we offer are delivered face to face. We believe this is the only way to really build those meaningful relationships which are invaluable for helping young learners. Not adverse to technology, we also utilise social media to advertise our services, network with parents and schools and post interesting and engaging articles about the changing face of education in the UK.

Both of the Directors are ex-teachers and have over 20 years experience of education at the highest level. Kerry has been a SeNCO, year leader, Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher. She is also a published author and a National Blog Award Judge. Dylan has also worked in education for over 20 years in roles as Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form, Head of Faculty and Head of Department. His passion is psychology and learning and uses this to underpin all of his day to day work.

2019 looks like becoming a very exciting time for Go Fish Education. Now that we have a well established client base, we are looking at developing our business model to allow us to work with more children and families. Education has faced sever funding cuts over the last few years.  As a result services within schools have been inevitably hit. Parents are now adopting the mindset that if schools can’t provide the level of support required, then it is up to them to provide the best possible experience for their children. We hope that our package of courses and workshops are affordable, good quality and make children’s lives better.  We are Go Fish Education…