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How to become a Microsoft instructor

By Chris Onslow 20 Feb 2024

To become a Microsoft instructor, you can follow these general steps:

1. Gain Expertise: Develop a strong understanding of Microsoft technologies and products. This may involve obtaining relevant certifications and practical experience in using Microsoft software and services.

2. Teaching Experience: Build a teaching portfolio and gain experience in delivering training sessions or courses related to Microsoft products.

3. Certifications: Obtain Microsoft certifications such as Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) or other relevant certifications that demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft technologies.

4. Apply to Become an MCT: Apply to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer through the Microsoft Certified Trainer Program. You will need to meet the program requirements and pass the necessary exams.

5. Maintain Certification: Once you become an MCT, you will need to maintain your certification by meeting the program requirements, staying up-to-date with Microsoft technologies, and continuing to deliver training sessions.

6. Networking: Build a network within the Microsoft community and attend events or conferences to stay connected with other Microsoft instructors and professionals.Remember, the specific requirements and steps to become a Microsoft instructor may vary, so it's important to check the latest information on Microsoft's official website or contact the Microsoft Certified Trainer Program for more details.

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