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Who’s behind GO.COURSES?

GO.COURSES was established as Course Academy in 2002.
Our ambition? To provide the world’s best IT and personal development training. 15 years and countless programmes later, our focus is still top quality training - but now we want to make booking and taking part a breeze, too.

Chris Onslow

Having spent over 20 years (hard to believe but true!) in training and education, Chris’s main role here at GO.COURSES is keeping us focused on making your life easier. From making sure our booking process is hassle-free, through to getting hands-on and organising bespoke training sessions, it’s all about saving you time, stress, and wherever possible, money. His ambition is to see us become the world’s most effective online booking platform for people who want to arrange training - at our training centres, live online, or in-house at your premises.

What do I find most satisfying about my role? Knowing that we’ve had positive impact on a customer's learning experience.

Nick Ferro

For Nick, every day at GO.COURSES is different - whether he’s meeting new suppliers and clients, checking out new potential venues, or putting together custom training programmes. Nick’s the one who makes sure everything we deliver is of the highest quality, and he’s always on the hunt for exciting new courses to add to our portfolio. He draws on a background in IT services to make sure every trainer we work with exceed expectations, and co-runs the biggest AWS user meetup group in the South West, which regularly features top evangelists from Amazon.

I really enjoy solving any awkward issues and delivering niche training that nobody else can deliver on budget - over the years, we’ve become really good at tricky requests and finding ways to say yes!