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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Excel Intermediate training. Take your skills to the next level and achieve a recognised certificate. Learn more with Excel.

Microsoft Excel Introduction

This course offers an awareness of the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and aims to give attendees the confidence to efficiently create, edit and manage spreadsheets.

Being Assertive

People who are assertive thrive in the workplace, especially if the situations are ambiguous. They are able to stand up for themselves in a way that doesn't hurt other people's feelings. They are very transparent…

Blockchain Architecture

This course reviews Blockchain and the architectural and technical issues that need to be considered before launching a development program. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical…

Blockchain Ethereum Training: Hands-on Development Bootcamp

Learn the components of Ethereum and how to setup an Ethereum public network. This course will introduce you to Solidity and how to build a basic app and develop smart contracts through extensive hands-on…

Blockchain Security

This course will allow a business or a Blockchain network to have elevated consensus security. The highest-level security breach in a decentralized Blockchain network is the subversion of the node network…

Blockchain Training An Overview for Business Professionals

This course provides general overview of Blockchain technology in plain simple English without using technical jargon.

Brand You

Personal branding is the practise of creating a recognised image or identity that sets you apart from others. Your personal brand is important as it’s the first impression you create and affects how others…

A+ Certification (Accelerated)

The essential foundation course developed by CompTIA. The A+ certification is recognised worldwide as the de facto standard for entry-level computer technicians. A+ certification opens the door to an…

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