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How do I become AWS certified?

By gocourses 01 Aug 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the pioneer of cloud computing infrastructure. Created by Amazon.com and launched in 2006, it has maintained dominance and is still the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS and PaaS). It’s been estimated that AWS customers are deploying 10x more infrastructure on AWS than the combined adoption of the next 14 providers.

Why get AWS certified?

AWS and cloud computing is clearly not a trend - it’s here to stay. If your business is considering or already using AWS services then you will need trained experts to help. 

If you’re a techie with self taught knowledge but no certifications you will be overlooked by many businesses, and your career will suffer. Unlike other suppliers, Amazon offers an accessible certification path that doesn’t require highly specialized, expensive training to start.

AWS skills are in high demand and the salary reflects this. In 2016 Forbes reported that “AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate” was the most valuable IT certification paying the top salary, beating Cisco, ITIL and VMware. So if you’re looking to open doors and enjoy a successful career in cloud, pursuing AWS certifications is a wise choice.

From the business owner’s perspective, having AWS certifications demonstrates expertise and credibility to customers. 

From an individual’s perspective, having AWS certification is a valuable badge that represents your own personal development, commitment and self-improvement. 

AWS has always been popular with businesses as well as developers, partly due to their easily accessible and highly respected training and certification. 

Go.Courses How to get Certified

How to become AWS certified

AWS make it easy to understand the learning paths and roles available. In order to take particular exams, you must have completed a foundation or previous level.

They offer role-based certifications to validate expertise for those in Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations roles, plus specialty certifications for more advanced skills in specific technical areas. Practice exams are available and there is plenty of support available from AWS. 

We offer a wide range of AWS training courses at Go.Courses, which you can view HERE.

To prepare for an exam to gain certification, we recommend attending a training course in your chosen role, such as the Architecting on AWS course for becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Then you can take the AWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop to help prepare you for the final exam.


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