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Want to learn remotely? We do that. In fact, over 20% of our courses are available for you to Learn Live Online. This is real-time participation, with a real, live tutor - and classmates - just delivered online.

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What is Learn Live Online?

Remote participation in a live training programme. You get exactly the same top-quality IT or personal development course - but there’s none of the travel.

How does it work?

It varies from course to course, but broadly speaking Learn Live Online works like this:

  • We’ll send you log-in details and class times.
  • You log into our Live Online portal.
  • You’ll join your class - who may be all Live Online, or a mix of remote and on-location participants.
  • Class begins - you’ll learn just how you would in an on-location session, with a ‘real’ live tutor.
  • You’ll undertake any exams and certifications.

What do I need to Learn Live Online?

All you need is a desktop PC, laptop or tablet with a broadband internet connection. Just before your course, we’ll send you a link to log in and join the class.

Who’s it good for?

Learn Live Online is ideal for remote workers, businesses a little off the beaten track, overseas participants and those who can’t afford time spent travelling.

Isn’t this just e-learning?

No. When you undertake an e-learning programme, you won’t have a tutor to guide, inspire, explain and bring topics to life. Though there’s lots of value in self-directed e-learning, we believe a live experience is a lot more valuable - you’ll learn more quickly, and can ask your tutor for help, extra info or modifications to suit your specific circumstances.

In a nutshell, it’s the difference between reading a book and talking to an expert.

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