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What is Microsoft VBA?

Visual Basic for Applications is a version of Microsoft's programming language, which although no longer officially supported, the language is very widely used and, with the right training, a very powerful application. VBA helps you to automate tasks and processes which can dramatically streamline workflows and make business flow more effective. 

What VBA training do you offer?

We currently offer several different VBA courses which broadly fit into 2 categories Introduction and Advanced.  We have listed the course highlights for each course as follows but also bear in mind that we offer fully customised VBA courses to your exact needs. 

Introduction to VBA

  • Getting Started
  • Working with procedures
  • Understanding Objects, Properties, Methods and Events 
  • Using Expressions, Variables and Intrinsic Functions
  • Controlling Program Execution 
  • Working with Forms and Controls 
  • Debugging and Handling Errors 

Advanced VBA

  • Excel 2013 Object Model 
  • Working with the Range Object 
  • Working With Data in Excel 
  • Presenting Data in Excel 
  • Working with the Excel Interface 
  • Managing Files and Folders from Excel 

Can I have VBA training conducted at my office?

As much as 75% of our Microsoft VBA training is conducted at customer offices, onsite in their premises.  This is a fantastic way to receive training and also eliminates travel costs and reduces your carbon footprint, while giving us the ability to deliver a tailored course for you.  We train 1-1 or large groups of up to 20 people.  Our training consultants will work with you to formulate a course plan, book dates, timings and projected outcomes.   We make the process of booking VBA training in-house easy and effective. 

Microsoft VBA Public Training Courses

Don't want the course at your office?  Why not attend one of our VBA training courses at our centres in London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Glasgow.  All our courses use official Microsoft curriculum and we were voted No 1 in the UK last year for Microsoft VBA training.

We received an NPS of 97/100 last year for our training courses and our instructors are masters of VBA. 

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