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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the world's number one spreadsheet application and is used by around 95% of all businesses in the UK.  There are many versions of Excel in existence including 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2016.  Many businesses nowadays have Excel included within their license of Microsoft Office 365.  The great news is we train all versions.  We also offer upgrade courses so if you are moving from an older version this is no problem.  

Excel training courses - different levels

Introduction to Microsoft Excel- In this initial session you will start from the very beginning, so if you have never used Excel before then don't worry we can help.  The main topics in level 1 include:  

Lesson 1 - Create a Table: Creating an Excel table from scratch. Wrapping text in cells. Formatting table content. Speed up data entry with AutoFill. Sorting columns. 

Lesson 2 - Inserting Functions: Inserting and managing function calculations. Using AutoSum to sum numbers. Inserting statistical calculations AVERAGE, MAX and MIN. 

Lesson 3 - Managing Rows and Columns: Inserting and deleting table rows and columns. Quickly adjusting multiple column widths and row heights. Hiding and unhiding rows and columns. 

Lesson 4 - Writing Formulas: The basics of writing formulas. Understanding the use of mathematical symbols. Using more than one mathematical symbol in a calculation. When to use brackets. Troubleshooting calculation errors. 

Lesson 5 - Managing sheets: Inserting, renaming, moving and deleting sheets. Coping a sheet to another file. Copying a table to another location. 

Lesson 6 - Managing Content Formatting: Appling content formatting. Managing number formatting. Control formatting with the Format Painter. 

Lesson 7 - Sorting and Filtering Tables: Using Freeze Panes to lock table headings when scrolling. Sorting multiple columns. Using Filters to extract table information. 

Lesson 8 - Table Reports: Using the Table tool to run reports. Including totals in reports. 

Lesson 9 - Creating and Modifying Charts: Creating Pie and Column charts. Inserting chart titles and labels. Controlling chart formats. Changing chart type. 

Lesson 10 - Printing: Previewing and printing tables and charts. Modifying page orientation. Adjust margins for printing. Printing selected tables. 

Lesson 11 - Absolute Referenced Formula: Understand the difference between a Relative and Absolute formula. Using a $ sign to lock formulas to cells when copying. 

Microsoft Excel Intermediate - You have got to grips with the basics of Excel so now its time to start unlocking some of the vast range of powerful tools in this application with our Intermediate session.  Key areas of this course include:

Lesson 1 - Calculating with Absolute Reference: Understanding the difference between a Relative and Absolute referenced formula. Using a $ sign to lock formulas 
onto cells when copying. 

Lesson 2 - Working with Groups of Worksheets: Grouping sheets together. Inputting 
data into multiple sheets. Writing formulas to sum between sheets. 

Lesson 3 - Creating Linked Tables: Linking to a source table. Using Paste Link to link a table to another file. Using Link Manager to manage linked tables. 

Lesson 4 - The Function Library: Using the Function Library to help you write formulas. Search formulas with Insert Function. Writing statistical functions: COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIFS and more. 

Lesson 5 - The Logical IFS Function: Writing Logical IFS functions to generate results 
from a test. Running multiple tests for multiple results. 

Lesson 6 - Conditional Formatting: Automatically format data using rules. Enabling text and numbers to standout with automatic formatting. Copy formatting with 
the Format Painter. 

Lesson 7 - The Side by Side Feature: Viewing two tables in two different files together. 
Viewing two tables in two different sheets in the same file together. 

Lesson 8 - Pivot Table Report: Analysing table data with PivotTable reports. Managing a PivotTable’s layout. Output statistics. Controlling number formats. Creating a 
PivotChart, and inserting Slicers for filtering. 

Lesson 9 - Using Data Validation: Apply Data Validation to control and quicken the input of data. 

Lesson 10 - Lookup Functions: The Lookup and Reference function. Best practices for writing a VLOOKUP function. Best practices for writing an HLOOKUP function. 
Achieving a professional finish to formulas by nesting within an IFERROR. 

Lesson 11 - Printing Options: Printing page titles across pages. Scaling content for print. 

Microsoft Excel Advanced- You are now working toward the point of becoming an Excel Expert.  Our Advanced course will turn your intermediate skills into Expert level and yes other colleagues may lean on you, but thats no bad thing.   Key areas in this course include:

Lesson 1 - Nesting Formulas: Principals of nesting multiple formulas together. Using 

AND with OR functions to output results. Nesting an AND function in an IF. Nesting an OR function in an IF. 

Lesson 2 - PivotTables: Advanced PivotTable reporting tools. Group numeric and date 
fields. Run percentage and difference from analyses. Writing Field calculations. Creating a PivotTable from multiple tables. 

Lesson 3 - Conditional Formatting: Format table rows based on criteria. Applying 
Conditional Formatting to dates by using the TODAY function. Format data based on the results of formulas. 

Lesson 4 - Array Formula: The advantages of writing array formulas. Use arrays to 
protect formulas. 

Lesson 5 - Lookup Functions: Write a lookup that will retrieve column data from left or 
right with the versatile INDEX and MATCH functions. Applying multiple look 
up criteria when looking up columns that contain duplicates. 

Lesson 6 - Math & Trig/Statistical Functions: Writing SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS and 
COUNTIFS to calculate numbers based on criteria. Calculate by criteria in 
multiple ranges. 

Lesson 7 - What-If Analysis: Using Goal Seek to meet targets. Write forecasting reports with the Scenario Manager. 

Lesson 8 - Macros: Macro security. Understand the use of a Relative References macro. Record, run, and edit macros. Saving files as Macro Enabled Workbook. 
Saving macros in the Personal workbook. Managing the Personal workbook. 
Introduction to editing VBA code (Visual Basic for Applications). 

Lesson 9 - Customise the Quick Access toolbar, and the Ribbon: Add a macro button to the Quick Access toolbar. Adding groups and buttons to the Ribbon. 

Lesson 10 Text Functions: Using formulas to join cells together, CONCATENATE. 
Converting text casing with UPPER, LOWER and PROPER functions. Writing 
MID, LEFT, RIGHT, REPT and FIND text functions. 

Do you have 5 or more delegates to train on Excel? 

Our group training starts from £89 per person.  We can train up to 20 delegates and accelerated discounts apply.  We keep an eye on market pricing to check we are competitive. 

go.courses are the UK's leading provider of in-house Microsoft Excel training courses.  Last year we conducted over 500 Microsoft excel training days at multiple customer sites in the UK, Europe and globally.  All our trainers are fully qualified to deliver the very best experience and by default, all our courses are bespoke to each customers needs.  Please contact us and we can conduct a free training needs analysis to identify your specific needs. 

Key points with our Excel training include:

* In-house Excel courses to cover Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced. 

* Excel Courses tailored to your specific needs.

* Choose to have a 1/2 day or full day with timings to suit you. 

* Delegates receive the renowned go.courses certificate of completion.

* All Excel trainer expenses included.

* Payment is not taken until your course is fully booked and you are happy with you booking.  We offer credit accounts for most customers, so please ask us about that. 

Mobile Excel Classroom - We have a full suite of Microsoft Excel training laptops that we can facilitate anywhere in the UK, so if you don't have your own training environment then let us bring it to you.  Want to come to one of our Microsoft Excel venues, click here to read more.

We use Delighted customer feedback to gain delegate evaluations for our Microsoft Excel In-house training courses and our current NPS is 9/10.  We are aiming to get an average of 10/10 this year.

"our in-house Microsoft Excel training course was superb and we are looking forward to working further with go.courses as they really tuned into our needs" . A Martins, UK Investment Bank

To view our in-house Microsoft Excel training video please click here

Our excel training has been proven time and again to help delegates to be more productive and get the most from this very powerful application.  Businesses with highly skilled staff will achieve significant net gains compared with those who do not invest in learning and development.   Please contact us via any of the contact links on this page.

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