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Python Training

Become Python ready in just 3 days with our brilliant hands on course delivered by one of the UK's top Python training instructors.  We provide real world skills, not read from a book.  Our detailed curriculum has become renowned in the market and we are proud of our heritage built over 14 years of fine tuning the learning experience. 

We start with the basics of Python and then start to work toward more intermediate subject content, however, we can tailor content to your specific needs by running an in-house course.  Our in-house Python training courses last year on average scored an average NPS of 9/10, and we are on track this year to score on average 10.

Please click here to view our Python course outline but remember we can tailor this course content. 

We have been conducting Python training courses for over 14 years and have become somewhat a tour de force in the industry.  While its fundamental for us to provide a course which covers all of your needs we also keep things lighthearted; after all its the journey and not the destination. 

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