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Learn Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP

Learn Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP in this brilliant 1 day training course, which can also be run in 1/2 day increments, if required.  We cover the basics to more advanced topics making sure that each delegate gets exactly what they need.   The main benefits in attending the Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP course are as follows:

* Get hand's on with VLOOKUP 

* Explore the features VLOOKUP has to make your life easier

* Master the power of VLOOKUP and become a master user

Would you like to train a group of delegates?  We can train up to 8 delegates per class and the cost savings per person can be significant.  Contact us today using one of the touch points on this page or visit our in-house page for more information. 

Last year we received on average an NPS of 9 out of 10 using the delighted customer feedback platform.  So far this year our Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP training course has averaged an NPS of 10 out 10!!  We continually strive to make our courses the very best on the planet, but don't take our word for it, read some of the great comments we get from our customers:

"the VLOOKUP course for the team was excellent.  It was great that this could be tailored to our needs.  M Emerson, Major UK Media Agency"

Why not get in touch with us today so we can turn you into a VLOOKUP guru. 

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