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In-house training

Why go to a training course when the course can come to you?

About in-house training

Your people are your business's biggest assets, and the value of training can't be understated. But taking time out of the office can take its toll on the day-to-day, especially if you want to train a whole department at the same time. Arranging training and booking travel can also be a hassle.

It doesn't have to be this way. Go Courses are here to make training courses easy to arrange – and the courses can even come to you.

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Benefits of in-house training

You'll save lots of money

When our instructors come to you, we save money on location hire, which we pass on to you as a discount. The exact amount varies, but it can be up to 50% – depending on how many people participate. You'll also save on travel, hotels and food and drink expenses.

It's easier for everyone and it's eco-friendly

With no travel needed, all your employees have to do is come to work as usual. Wherever you are in the UK, our instructors can come to you. Not only is it easier for your team members, it's better for the environment as you won't be clocking up the miles.

Less disruption and more team bonding

Nothing is more motivating than having the right people around you. Interaction with others in a group learning environment can help boost your knowledge and increase your interest in a particular topic. Having multipleteam members on the same training course can be more cost effective, and having your training in-house makes it easier to train a larger number of employees together.

It's fully bespoke to your business

You might expect bespoke in-house training to cost the earth, but it doesn't have to. Not every training provider can offer this service, but every course at Go Courses can be delivered in your own office or venue. This saves you money, but even more importantly it will save you time and hassle.

How does it work?

If you have 2 or more people who need the same training, any of our IT and business courses can come to you. We also train 1-2-1 in-house so if it’s just 1 person, that’s no problem.

We’ve created a very simple process to help you to book your training easily:

  • First, give us a call or drop us an email. We also have a live online chat if you have any questions and want an instant response.
  • Then we’ll get in touch to find out more about your training needs.
  • From there we’ll organise everything for you. We will book one of our industry-leading instructors, source the appropriate certifications and arrange your training at a time that suits you. We’ll ensure your team members enjoy the experience and also receive support after their training.

What kind of business needs in-house training?

If you’re a business that’s based in a remote area, a larger business with sizeable departments, or simply a business that wants to save money and hassle, our in-house training is perfect for you.

Which courses are available in-house?

All of our courses can come to you – that’s over 800 ranging from Microsoft Office and Excel, to Cloud Computing and HR and Management training, plus so much more.

Specific requirements?

We can also design bespoke programmes to suit your timescales. If you need to combine project management, soft skills and technical training, for example, that’s no problem at all! If there’s something you need that you can’t find online, we can always source specialists for you.

So, are you ready to begin learning exceptional new skills?

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