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How can I learn with GO.COURSES?

Here at GO.COURSES, we’re all about connecting you with the world’s best training, quickly, easily and affordably. That means developing ways to learn that fit in with busy lives and packed schedules - online, in person or in-house at your own premises. So let’s take a closer look at the 3 different ways you can learn with GO.COURSES…

Face-to-face - at one of 50 locations

Face-to-face is the ‘traditional’ training model - you’ll train in a small group at a location convenient to you. This is a great way to learn if you like to meet new people and be totally immersed in your training. Many people say that it’s easier to take new knowledge in away from the pressures of day-to-day office life, and that it’s a great way to expand their professional network.

Why choose face-to-face learning?

  • Totally immerse yourself in gaining new skills
  • No distractions or everyday office pressures
  • Top-quality instructors
  • Connect and network with professionals in your field

Courses That Come To You - in-house training

If you’ve more than 2 delegates who need to build up the same skill-set, take a closer look at our Courses That Come To You. It’s as simple as it sounds - you get everything you would in a normal training session, only the instructor comes to you! It’s a great way to reduce travel costs and time, and we can customise course content to meet your organisation’s exact needs.

Why in-house face-learning?

  • Save up to 80% per person, depending on the number of delegates
  • 98.7% participants recommend us
  • There’s no need to travel - cleaner and greener
  • Sessions can be great for team bonding
  • Content can be bespoke to your organisation
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Learn Live Online - train remotely, wherever you are

Maybe you’re not based in the UK? Perhaps you’ve got a super-busy schedule, or prefer to work from home? That’s when our remote learning - Learn Live Online - comes into play. This isn’t ‘e-learning - you participating in a real training session with a real instructor. The only difference is that you’ll be logging in from wherever’s most convenient for you.

Why try Learn Live Online?

  • Log in from anywhere
  • Inspiring live instructor to tailor learning to your needs
  • Real-time learning that’s immersive and inspiring
  • No travel or hassle - cleaner and greener
  • 94% participants recommend it!
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