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The C# Programming Language, 5 days

Delivered at your office or a training centre, in groups or 1-2-1

Microsoft’s .NET Framework presents developers with unprecedented opportunities. From web applications to desktop and mobile platform applications – all can be built with equal ease, using substantially the same skill-set.

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Key features

  • Live instructor-led course with 30 hours of training
  • Session runs from 9.30–5pm with normal breaks included
  • Fully certified trainer
  • Get key skills and practical knowledge
  • This course is available for delivery at your office, 1-2-1 and groups – contact us
  • Course materials included
  • Recognised course certificate

What will I learn?

But to make the most of this potential, developers must have a thorough grasp of core language skills and OO programming concepts.

Module 1: Introduction to Object Orientation
This ensures all delegates have a grounding in the principles of Object Orientation.

Module 2: OO and C Sharp
Get started on how C# implements Object Orientation

Module 3: Introduction to .NET Visual Studio & C#
The .NET Framework; The Common Language Runtime; The Common Type System
C# Features; Introduction to namespaces and assemblies
Get to know your way around Visual Studio

Module 4: Syntax I
Procedures and statements; Data types; Declaring variables; Assignments
Conversion; Arithmetic and other operators
Flow of control constructs
Passing parameters by value, by reference, named and optional parameters

Module 5: Syntax 2
Type concepts; Classes; Reference types
Fields, properties and methods
Accessibility modifiers
Object initialisation, Constructors and Constructor chaining
Instance members; Keyword 'this'
The 'null' reference
const & readonly
Enumerated types

Module 6: Collections
Generic Collections
Iterating collections

Module 7: Inheritance & Polymorphism
Concept of inheritance; Substitutability; Extending a simple class
'virtual', 'override' and 'sealed' modifiers
Abstract classes
Upcasting and safe downcasting

Module 8: Interfaces
Polymorphism with interfaces

I found the pace perfect for the group as we all had differing levels of experience”

Karen C

Multiple interfaces

Module 9: Delegates and Lambdas
Delegates explained
Working with delegates
Creating your own delegate types
The evolution of Lambdas from anonymous delegates

Module 10: Generic Delegates
Using the framework-supplied generic delegates

Module 11: LINQ
The language features behind LINQ
The LINQ API and query pattern
Grouping and Joins

Module 12: Handling Exceptions
Errors vs. Exceptions
The 'try', 'catch', 'finally' paradigm
Using 'throw'
Creating your own exceptions
'checked' and 'unchecked' expressions.

Module 13: Consuming Events
Understanding events in .NET
Writing event handlers

Module 14: Producing Events
The event conventions
Raising custom events

Module 15: Garbage Collection
Garbage collection and its impact
Finalizers; The 'Dispose' pattern; IDisposable
The 'using' statement

Module 16: Reverse Engineer
At the end of the course we reverse-engineer the resultant code and compare the results to the Class Diagram we produced near the beginning of the course.

Module 17: The Way Ahead
Follow-on courses
Appendix Module A: LINQ to Xml

Producing and consuming XML using LINQ


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