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Modern ASP.Net, 5 days

Delivered at your office or a training centre, in groups or 1-2-1

Modern ASP.NET is an examination of Microsoft’s latest web development framework. This course focuses on Microsoft’s “One ASP.NET” strategy for a unified framework for architecting web applications.

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Key features

  • Live instructor-led course with 30 hours of training
  • Session runs from 9.30–5pm with normal breaks included
  • Fully certified trainer
  • Get key skills and practical knowledge
  • This course is available for delivery at your office, 1-2-1 and groups – contact us
  • Course materials included
  • Recognised course certificate

What will I learn?

You will learn about MVC for building HTML based applications, OWIN and Katana for providing a common HTTP hosting infrastructure, ASP.NET Identity for securing user identities, Web API for building modern web services and SignalR for providing real-time push notifications to client applications.

Day 1

MVC Introduction
This module provides an introduction to the ASP.NET MVC framework. We will provide an overview of the MVC architecture including how a controller processes requests, communicates with the model layer and chooses a view to generate a response. Part of this overview will include looking at URL routing, model binding and the Razor view engine.
MVC Actions
Controllers and actions are the centerpiece of an MVC application. In this module we will examine the look at how requests utilize attribute routing to map onto action methods. We will also explore the various action results which are used to generate a response.
MVC Views
In this module we will examine Razor which is the view engine used in MVC. It is designed to provide a streamlined syntax for creating dynamic views. This module covers the Razor syntax and its support for reusable templates with partial views and layout templates. We will conclude with Html helpers, which are APIs to encapsulate rendering common markup such an input fields, hyperlinks, forms and URLs.
Day 2

MVC Model Binding
Model binding is an important part of the MVC framework to ease input processing for controllers. We will see how data is mapped from the request to parameters of action methods and how complex objects can also be model bound.
MVC Validation
In this module we examine how MVC provides a complete framework for validation. We’ll see how it uses validation helpers, ModelState, data annotations and the IValidatableObject interface to provide server-side validation. Then we will illustrating how MVC’s validation framework can also be used to perform client-side validation.

Excellent trainer with real world experience which for me really added to this course”

Julian O

OWIN and Katana
OWIN is a fairly new specification for modelling a HTTP server API for hosting web applications. The intent is to decouple the host from the application with the goal of providing a simpler programming model with potentially better performance than traditional web servers. While OWIN is a specification, Katana is Microsoft’s implementation of an OWIN host. In this session we will discuss OWIN, Katana and how to write applications and middleware that take advantage of this new and exciting hosting environment.
Day 3

MVC Security
Security is crucial for online applications. This session on security discusses the basics of web security and then the internals of authentication in Microsoft’s OWIN framework called Katana. We will see how the new cookie authentication middleware manages user authentication and supports rich identity information using claims. We will then examine how external authentication is implemented for social media logins such as Google and Facebook. We conclude with MVC’s authorization support using authorization filters.
ASP.NET Identity
Identity management is the unglamorous (yet extremely important) task of managing account information for users (including passwords). Identity management in ASP.NET has had an interesting and somewhat tumultuous history, but in this session we will focus on Microsoft’s newest framework called ASP.NET Identity. We will discuss the important characteristics of proper identity management and then we’ll survey the pros and cons of ASP.NET Identity. We will see how ASP.NET Identity provides support for password management, claims-based identity, external login providers, custom validation as well as customized storage.
jQuery is a popular open source JavaScript library used to enhance AJAX style web pages and improve developer productivity. jQuery was chosen by Microsoft as the library for MVC’s client-side capabilities. In this module we will introduce the query and document manipulation capabilities of jQuery.
Day 4

Ajax is a style of writing browser-based application to leverage JavaScript and XmlHttpRequest callbacks to the server. This lecture covers MVC’s basic support for Ajax as well as using jQuery to develop more sophisticated Ajax applications.
This module provides an introduction to Web API which is the new framework for building HTTP-based RESTful services. We will c


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