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What you will learn

  • In this course, you will explore how to extract and manipulate data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and websites. You will master techniques to validate data accuracy, design diverse charts, maps, and tables, and consolidate them into an intuitive dashboard. By understanding table relationships and utilizing DAX functions, you will elevate the visual appeal of your reports and enable online sharing for interactive viewer engagement.

Skills you will gain

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This course consists of 9 lessons

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI - Exploring the Power BI Desktop environment, Overview of the Power BI start screen, Understanding the four key views in Power BI

Module 2: Data Connections - Importing files into Power BI, Step-by-step guide to importing an Excel file, Importing a CSV/Text file, Connecting to data from a webpage, Managing and organizing file connections

Module 3: Data Preparation with Power Query Editor - Data cleaning process in Power Query Editor, Explaining applied steps in data preparation, Managing and setting data types, Utilizing filters and data filling techniques

Module 4: Visualizing Data - Understanding the concept of storytelling with data, Key considerations in data visualization, Creating and formatting maps in Power BI, Generating and customizing charts, Creating tree maps and organizing data, Designing tables and matrices, Implementing KPI cards in visuals, Incorporating images into reports, Enhancing reports with slicers for data filtering

Module 5: Power BI Service - Overview of the Power BI service ecosystem, Pinning visualizations to dashboards, Collaborating and sharing reports within the service

Module 6: Understanding Data Modeling - Exploring table relationships in the data model, Configuring relationship properties for data analysis

Module 7: Introduction to DAX New Column - Creating new columns and measures with DAX expressions, Adding calculated columns to tables for enhanced data insights

Module 8: DAX Measures - Implementing SUM functions for data aggregation, Applying measures to visualizations for analysis, Using COUNTROWS function for data counting, Utilizing DISTINCTCOUNT function for unique value computation, Understanding essential DAX rules, Incorporating CALCULATE function for advanced calculations, Syntax and application of CALCULATE function in Power BI

Module 9: DAX Time Intelligence - Significance of a calendar table in time analysis, Leveraging time intelligence functions for data evaluation, Implementing TOTALYTD function for year-to-date analysis, Visualizing time intelligence data in charts for meaningful insights.

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