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What you will learn

  • In this course you will learn the skills to enable you to use the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language to simplify or automate activities and tasks using the Microsoft Office 2007 - 2016 applications. The course covers examples in Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint 2007 - 2016.

Skills you will gain

  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
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  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • English Subtitles: English

This course consists of 9 lessons

MS Office Object Hierarchies and the Object Browser: Topic A - Objects, Collections and Hierarchies - Topic B - Properties, Methods and Events - Topic C - Using the Object Browser - Topic D - MS Office Application Reference Libraries

Working within an MS Office Application: Topic A - VBA or Macro Recorder - Topic B - Special Macros - Topic C - Object Variables - Topic D - Binding - Topic E - Application Object Examples

User Defined Types, Classes and Arrays: Topic A - Introduction to User Defined Types (UDTs) - Topic B - Creating a User Defined Type - Topic C - Creating a Class - Topic D - Creating Array Variables - Topic E - Using Arrays in Code

File and Folder Management using VBA: Topic A - Using the FileSystemObject - Topic B - Handling Folders using VBA - Topic C - Create a Folder - Topic D - Move, Rename, Copy or Delete a File - Topic E - File or Folder Properties and Attributes

Interaction between MS Office Applications: Topic A - Classes and References - Topic B - Working with Objects in another Application - Topic C - Editing Documents across MS Office

Working with the Excel Range Object: Topic A - Range Objects Defined - Topic B - Referencing Ranges using VBA - Topic C - Dynamic Range Handling - Topic D - Copying or Moving Range Data

Working with Data in Excel: Topic A - Importing Data from a Delimited File or Web Page - Topic B - Excel and ADO - Topic C - Data Types or Formatting - Topic D - Validating Data - Topic E - Filtering and Sorting Data with VBA - Topic F - Using Worksheet Database Functions - Topic G - Excel Tables

Presenting Data in Excel: Topic A - Apply Conditional Formatting with VBA - Topic B - Working with Charts - Topic C - Pivot Tables

Programming Access with VBA: Topic A - Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy - Topic B - Understanding Access Collections

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