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Microsoft Excel Intermediate, 1 day

Delivered at your office or a training centre, in groups or 1-2-1

This course focuses on writing formulas, analysing data and outputting reports. Use the formula help tools to find and write formulas to output results from multiple questions. Efficiently output accurate reports to analyse sets of data. You will learn how to use rules to automatically format data to make it stand out. We will also look at ways to compare different sets of data. Those attending will also learn lots of time-saving tips and tricks.

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Key features

  • Live instructor-led course with 6 hours of training
  • Session runs from 9.30–5pm with normal breaks included
  • Fully certified trainer
  • Get key skills and practical knowledge
  • This course is available for delivery at your office, 1-2-1 and groups – contact us
  • Course materials included
  • Recognised course certificate

What will I learn?

Lesson 1

 Calculating with Absolute Reference: Understanding the difference between a Relative and Absolute referenced formula. Using a $ sign to lock formulas
onto cells when copying. 

Lesson 2

 Working with Groups of Worksheets: Grouping sheets together. Inputting
data into multiple sheets. Writing formulas to sum between sheets. 

Lesson 3

Creating Linked Tables: Linking to a source table. Using Paste Link to link a table to another file. Using Link Manager to manage linked tables. 

Lesson 4

The Function Library: Using the Function Library to help you write formulas. Search formulas with Insert Function. Writing statistical functions: COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIFS and more. 

Lesson 5

 The Logical IFS Function: Writing Logical IFS functions to generate results
from a test. Running multiple tests for multiple results. 

Lesson 6

 Conditional Formatting: Automatically format data using rules. Enabling text and numbers to standout with automatic formatting. Copy formatting with

As an IT professional I need accredited training and your courses meet that criteria with the bonus of great customer care”

Charlie A

the Format Painter. 

Lesson 7

 The Side by Side Feature: Viewing two tables in two different files together.
Viewing two tables in two different sheets in the same file together. 

Lesson 8

 Pivot Table Report: Analysing table data with PivotTable reports. Managing a PivotTable’s layout. Output statistics. Controlling number formats. Creating a
PivotChart, and inserting Slicers for filtering. 

Lesson 9

Using Data Validation: Apply Data Validation to control and quicken the input of data. 

Lesson 10

 Lookup Functions: The Lookup and Reference function. Best practices for writing a VLOOKUP function. Best practices for writing an HLOOKUP function.
Achieving a professional finish to formulas by nesting within an IFERROR. 

Lesson 11

 Printing Options: Printing page titles across pages. Scaling content for print.


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