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Getting Started With Kubernetes And Google Container Engine

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What you will learn

  • Learn to containerize workloads in Docker containers.
  • Deploy them to Kubernetes clusters provided by Google Kubernetes Engine.
  • Scale those workloads to handle increased traffic.
  • Students also learn how to continuously deploy new code in a Kubernetes cluster to provide application updates.

Skills you will gain

  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • On Demand or Face to Face Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Foundation For those starting from the beginning or with a little experience  
  • English Subtitles: English

This course consists of 4 lessons

Introduction to Containers and Docker Acquaint yourself with containers, Docker, and the Google Container Registry: Create a container - Package a container using Docker - Store a container image in Google Container Registry - Launch a Docker container.

Kubernetes Basic: Deploy an application with microservices in a Kubernetes cluster - Provision a complete Kubernetes cluster using Kubernetes Engine - Deploy and manage Docker containers using kubectl - Break an application into microservices using Kubernetes’ Deployments and Services.

Deploying to Kubernetes: Create and manage Kubernetes deployments - Create a Kubernetes deployment - Trigger, pause, resume, and rollback updates - Understand and build canary deployments.

Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline: Build continuous delivery pipelines using Spinnaker and/or Jenkins - Provision Spinnaker or Jenkins in your Kubernetes cluster - Manage application code in a source repository that can trigger code changes to a continuous delivery pipeline - Create a continuous delivery pipeline and start it manually or automatically with a code change - Implement a canary deployment that hosts two versions of your application in production for release testing.

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