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Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Switches (Dcmds), 5 days

Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS) v1.0 is a five-day lecture and lab course that provides learners with fundamental skills in configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series switches. Course topics include setting up the switch, configuring interfaces, virtual SANs (VSANs), domains, zones, port channels, management security, and Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) tunnels.

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Course Dates

Mon, 21 Sep
Live Online
Mon, 28 Sep
Live Online
Mon, 5 Oct
Live Online
Mon, 12 Oct
Live Online
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Key features

  • Fully certified trainer with real world experience
  • Get key skills and practical knowledge
  • This course is available live online, onsite, on demand, in person
  • Course materials included
  • Certificates for each participant

What will I learn?

1: Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch Platform

1.1: Introducing the Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch Platform
1.2: Implementing Integrated Management
2: System Installation and Initial Configuration

2.1: Performing the Initial Switch Configuration
2.2: Installing and Licensing Cisco NX-OS Software
3: Building a SAN Fabric

3.1: Configuring Interfaces
3.2: Using FLOGI and FCNS Databases
3.3: Configuring VSANs
3.4: Managing Domains
3.5: Configuring NPV and NPIV
3.6: Configuring Port Channels
3.7: Configuring Distributed Device Aliases
3.8: Implementing Zoning
4: Intelligent SAN Fabric Services

4.1: Implementing Cisco MDS Data MobilityManager
4.2: Implementing Cisco SANTap
4.3: Monitoring Traffic Flow
5: Fibre Channel over Ethernet Implementation

5.1: Fibre Channel over Ethernet
5.2: Configuring Multihop FCoE on the MDS 9500
6: Implementing Security

6.1: Improving Management Security
6.2: Configuring AAA Services
6.3: Implementing Port and Fabric Security
6.4: Configuring FC-SP
6.5: Implementing Link Encryption
6.6: Implementing Cisco Storage Media Encryption
7: Implementing FCIP

7.1: Creating an FCIP Tunnel
7.2: Configuring FCIP High Availability
7.3: Implementing IVR for SAN Extension
7.4: Tuning FCIP Performance

Lab 2-1: Initial Setup
Lab 2-2: Upgrading Switch Software
Lab 3-1: Configuring Interfaces
Lab 3-2: Creating VSANs
Lab 3-3: Configuring NPV and NPIV
Lab 3-4: Configuring PortChannels
Lab 3-5: Distributing DDAS with CFS
Lab 3-6: Configuring Zones
Lab 4-1: Configuring Cisco DMM
Lab 4-2: Using SPAN and the Cisco PAA-2
Lab 6-1: Configuring AAA Services
Lab 6-2: Implementing Port and Fabric Security
Lab 6-3: Configuring Cisco Storage Media Encryption
Lab 7-1: Implementing an FCIP Tunnel
Lab 7-2: Configuring FCIP High Availability
Lab 7-3: Implementing IVR for SAN Extension
Lab 7-4: Tuning FCIP Performance


Download course details as a PDF

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