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CCNA Basics (CCNAB) Version 1.0, 8 days

Delivered at your office or a training centre, in groups or 1-2-1

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Basics presents important networking fundamentals using the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) seven layer model concepts; terminology and technologies are explained and illustrated using text and graphics animation. The course includes online assessments that allow learners to measure their progress throughout the learning experience.

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Key features

  • Live instructor-led course with 48 hours of training
  • Session runs from 9.30–5pm with normal breaks included
  • Fully certified trainer
  • Get key skills and practical knowledge
  • This course is available for delivery at your office, 1-2-1 and groups – contact us
  • Course materials included
  • Recognised course certificate

What will I learn?

After completing this course the student should be able to:
• Identify the major components of the network system
• Examine the primary types and use of network cabling
• Compare the functions or usage of a local area network (LAN) versus wide area network (WAN)
• Describe the standard topologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each
• Discuss the functions of each of the seven layers of the OSI reference model
• Describe the basic process of communication between the layers of the OSI reference model
• Define the major network access methods and outline the key features of each
• Describe the functions and features of devises used at Layers One, Two and Three of the OSI model
• Explain the significance of each of the following to the following to a network system: IP addresses and classes and reserved address space
• Identify and described common routed and routing protocols
Computing Basics

When searching for group training we have struggled due to our location, but you guys have made it so easy to arrange training”

Ellen J

The OSI Model
Local Area Networks (LANs)
Layer 1 - Media, Connections and Collisions
Layer 2 - Concepts
Layer 2 - Technologies
Layer 3 - Routing and Addressing
Layer 3 - Protocols
Layer 4 - The Transport Layer
Layer 5 - The Session Layer
Layer 6 - The Presentation Layer
Layer 7 - The Application Layer


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