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Build A Business Transformation Vision With Google Cloud

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What you will learn

  • If you’re wondering what the Cloud hype is about or want to know what it can do for your enterprise—without the technical jargon—this course is for you.

Skills you will gain

  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • On Demand or Face to Face Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Intermediate For those with working experience or likely to have completed foundation level training  
  • English Subtitles: English

This course consists of 19 lessons

Then and Now: Objective: Differentiate ​Google ​Cloud ​from ​traditional ​technology through ​financial ​and ​IT ​lenses.

What ​is ​a ​traditional ​business ​IT ​anatomy?

How ​have ​business ​needs ​prompted ​the ​evolution ​of ​IT over ​the ​years?

What ​is ​Cloud? ​What ​is ​unique ​about ​Google ​Cloud?

How ​does ​Google ​Cloud’s ​technology ​and ​cost ​model address ​business ​challenges?Lesson 2Creating Value

What ​are ​the ​GCP ​product ​categories ​and ​what ​business ​needs do ​they ​address?

How ​does ​GCP ​innovatively ​reduce ​costs?

How ​does ​GCP ​innovatively ​create ​value?

What ​are ​some ​business ​transformation ​cases ​that ​use ​GCP?Lesson 3Culture of Innovation

What ​are ​the ​pros ​and ​cons ​of ​innovation ​and ​disruptive innovation?

What ​are ​the ​steps ​to ​promote ​a ​culture ​of ​innovation?

What ​enables ​and ​inhibits ​innovation? ​What ​are ​some ​examples?

How ​can ​I ​promote ​a ​culture ​of ​innovation ​today?Lesson 4Secure and Compliant

What ​are ​today’s ​top ​data ​and ​security ​threats/challenges?

How ​are ​compliance ​requirements ​shifting ​with ​Cloud ​technology?

What ​are ​top ​Google ​Cloud ​Platform ​(GCP) ​measures ​to ​maintain data ​and ​network ​security?

How ​can ​you ​manage ​governance ​(GRC) ​with ​GCP?

Workshop: Transformation Vision

Objectives: Build ​a ​business ​transformation ​vision ​using ​Google ​Cloud ​product capabilities: Round ​1 ​Identify ​business ​challenge - Round ​2 ​Explore ​machine ​learning ​use ​cases - Round ​3 ​Brainstorm ​potential ​solutions ​using ​data - Round ​4 ​Prioritize ​potential ​solutions

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