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What you will learn

  • The main purpose of the course is to give students a good understanding of data analysis with Power BI.
  • The course includes creating visualizations.
  • The Power BI Service.
  • The Power BI Mobile App.

Skills you will gain

  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • On Demand or Face to Face Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Intermediate For those with working experience or likely to have completed foundation level training  
  • English Subtitles: English

This course consists of 9 lessons

Power BI Desktop Data Transformations: What is Power BI? - Power BI data - Transformations

Power BI Desktop Modeling: Optimizing data models - Calculations - Hierarchies

Power BI Desktop Visualization: Visualizing your data - Working with multiple visualizations

Power BI Service: Working with the Power BI service - Configuring a dashboard - Viewing a Power BI Dashboard

Working with Excel: Importing data from excel - Analyzing data in Excel

Organization Content Packs, Security, and groups: Collaboration - Content packs

Direct Connectivity: Cloud data - Connecting to analysis services

Developer API: The developer API - Custom visuals

Power BI mobile app: The Power BI mobile app - Using the Power BI mobile app - Power BI embedded

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