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What you will learn

  • The essential foundation course developed by CompTIA.
  • The A+ certification is recognised worldwide as the de facto standard for entry-level computer technicians.
  • A+ certification opens the door to an exciting career in computing technology.
  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Cerfiticate upon completion
  • On Demand or Face to Face Start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Flexible Schedule Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Intermediate For those with working experience or likely to have completed foundation level training  
  • English Subtitles: English

This course consists of 3 lessons

Hardware: Categorize storage devices and backup media - Explain motherboard components, types and features - Classify power supplies types and characteristics - Explain the purpose and characteristics of CPUs and their features - Explain cooling methods and devices - Compare and contrast memory types, characteristics and their purpose - Distinguish between the different display devices and their characteristics -Install and configure peripherals and input devices - Summarize the function and types of adapter cards - Install, configure and optimize laptop components and features - Install and configure printers - Use a selection of tools, including the following: Multimeter, PSU tester, Specialty hardware / tools, Anti-static pad and wrist strap etc

Troubleshooting: Repair and Maintenance: Interpret common hardware and operating system symptoms and their causes - Determine troubleshooting methods and tools for PC’s, laptops, software and printers -Explain and interpret common PC, Software, printer and laptop issues and determine the appropriate basic troubleshooting method - Integrate common preventative maintenance techniques - Operating Systems and Software - Compare and contrast the different Windows Operating Systems and their features - Demonstrate proper use of user interfaces - Explain the process and steps to install and configure the Windows OS - Explain the basics of boot sequences, methods and startup utilities - Differentiate between Windows Operating System directory structures

Networking: Categorize network cables and connectors and their implementations - Compare and contrast the different network types - Troubleshoot client-side connectivity issues using appropriate tools -Install and configure a small office home office (SOHO) network - Security, Explain the basic principles of security concepts and technologies - Summarize the following security features - How to prevent, troubleshoot and remove viruses and malware, Implement security and troubleshoot common issues, Operational Procedure - Outline the purpose of appropriate safety and environmental procedures and how to apply them - Demonstrate the appropriate use of communication skills and professionalism in the workplace - CompTIA Acronyms - Comprehensive outline of all A+ Acronyms - Discussion and review

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